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AARON—For us to move forward, we must clearly understand the dual reality of all of these terms that we have been discussing—especially JEW, CIRCUMCISION, and ISRAEL. Understanding God’s hidden mysteries from the New Testament revelation concerning these designations—that are complex in character and having multiple definitions. But now these complex realities are being openly manifested to the saints of the Church of Jesus Christ. These are in fact new revelations about old realities. Now this is what I am suggesting—that these designations—JEW, CIRCUMCISION, and ISRAEL, had an obvious preexistence as the visible institutional peoples of God. Peoples who were first established as an example for us to see and study, as well as our receiving the present revelation of those coexistent invisible characteristics that had been hidden in God throughout time and eternity.

The mystery of Christ was hidden in other generations, but now has been revealed to His holy apostles and prophets. (To His saints) (The mystery is Christ in you.) (Col.1:26, Ref. Eph.3:9)

Isa.42:6 speaks of Jesus: Where Jehovah gives Jesus for a Covenant of the people and for a Light unto the Gentiles. Vs.9 speaks of these things: “Behold, the former things are come to pass, and new things do I declare: Before they spring forth, I tell you of them.”  

aaron—The good news is in the fact that God fully intended to expand His salvation program so as to incorporate the Jews and non—Jews alike on the exact same basis: His blessed grace alone. This action on the part of God would appear as a new thing to any casual observer, and it is defined the same in the Scriptures. But this new thing is, in all reality, only the full manifestation of the fulfillment of God's master plan within the continuum of the Abrahamic Covenant of Grace. I am convinced that all of these things were ordered from the very beginning of time. Eph.4:1; 1Pe.1:20 

Gal.6:15 calls it “a new creation”, speaking of the combining of the remnant taken from the physical Circumcision and the few who are chosen from the physical Uncircumcision into a single designation of CIRCUMCISION: Within the revelation and explanation of God’s invisible dispositions. “For neither is circumcision anything, nor uncircumcision, but a new creation.”  

aaron—God, within this passage, is simply explaining the eternal value of the aforementioned physical attributes: that neither circumcision nor uncircumcision has any appreciable value toward populating the invisible Kingdom of God. Although the new creation that is mentioned here is not completely new, as there is evidence of its existence in the Old Testament prophets, the additional details are certainly new to our understanding. What we mean is that this new creation was always there, but not fully manifested to our understanding. Since it is invisible, we can conclude that it is always to be hidden in God. Even though we have now been given a small glimpse into this hidden mystery, our abilities are greatly strained as we try to explain it in understandable terms.

Eph.2:15 speaks of the same unity in the body, and calls it “one new man created in Christ Jesus”. “For He is our peace, who made both (the Circumcision and the Uncircumcision) one, and broke down the middle wall of partition, having abolished in His flesh the enmity, even the law of commandment contained in ordinances; that He might create in Himself of the two (the Jews and the non—Jews) ONE NEW MAN, so making peace; and might reconcile them both (the Circumcision and the Uncircumcision) in ONE BODY unto God through the cross, having slain the enmity thereby:” Eph.2:14—16 paraphrase.  

aaron—We can understand from this passage, that God has now removed all of the many road blocks that had previously stopped the Nations—in—mass from coming into covenant relationship with Himself. There was a "middle wall of partition" that created an enmity, and there were "ordinances" that enforced that partition of distinction. What makes this so difficult to understand, is the fact that these principles have been, in one sense, removed: that is, in the first instance, the way into God’s covenant has now been opened for all peoples, tribes, tongues, and Nations. Yet, in another sense, some of these same restrictive principles continue to be enforced: that is, God still requires His people to separate themselves from the works of darkness — 2Cor.6:17 — "Come out from among them and be separate, says the Lord."

Our ability to focus on the subtle change in these distinct definitions, is what we are trying to communicate in these writings. Yes, the nations of physical Israel, the physical Jews and the physical Circumcision, are the visible institutional people of God. But in a certain limited sense, that may no longer be the case under this economy of grace—the Christian era. Physical Israel, the physical Jews and the physical Circumcision have now been placed on an absolute level with the Gentiles (the Nations). That is, the visible peoples of God also have the opportunity to fully participate in this dispensation of grace. Yet, under this economy of grace, just as it was during the Old Testament dispensation, God's invisible ELECT peoples are still known by the royal name of Israel — the Israel of God. The dispensation matters not in this instance, because this invisible elect Israel is always made up entirely of Jews—invisible Jews and the Circumcision—invisible Circumcision: Who have been secretly chosen out from among God's visible institutional corporate peoples of Israel and God's visible institutional corporate Church. Yet these invisible chosen priests maintain an active presence within these visible institutional corporate bodies of Israel and the Christian Church. As confirmed in Eph.4:22—24, and Col.3:10 and 11.

1Cor.5:7 calls those of the body “a new lump, even as we are unleavened.” “Purge out the old leaven, that you may be A NEW LUMP, even as you are unleavened. For our Passover also has been sacrificed, even CHRIST.”  

aaron—There is much opposition to the true Congregation in the world today. Many denominations disregard the commands of God in order to promote their own theological understandings. This, my brothers and sisters, is to our open shame. Throughout these many Scriptures, the Lord has spoken to us concerning our love of God and our love of the brethren. But there can never be unity in the body of Christ, the Church, so long as we continue to disagree about the identification of God's peoples: The nations of Israel, the Jews, the saints in the Church. Does God make distinction between His peoples? We know those in the Congregation who would make that distinction between visible Israel and the visible Church: Who suppose that God will deal with Israel in a future time, and in different ways. And we also know that if we were to look at Israel entirely through the Old Testament, there is little doubt in those conclusions we might reach. We will see a people chosen by God and separated from the other nations. But when we read the New Testament, this distinction and separation substantially disappears from God's program of reconciliation. The New Covenant established by our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, is the consummation of God's Eternal Covenant—The Abrahamic Covenant of Grace. Jesus (the Seed) is that promised reconciliation.

My dear brothers and sisters, unity in the body of Christ, the Church, is not optional, it is a command of God that is enacted on better promises. Amen.


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