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A detailed description of the construct of the hidden Israel of God:

 1. Jesus made both Jews and Gentiles one.

  a. Jesus broke down the wall of separation.

  b. Jesus abolished in His flesh, the antagonism.

  c. Jesus abolished the ordinances of separation.

 2. Jesus created in Himself, of the Jews and Gentiles, one new man.

 3. Jesus reconciled both Jews and Gentiles in one body unto God.

 4. Jesus preached peace to both Jews and Gentiles.

 5. Through Jesus, both Jews and Gentiles have access to the Father.

 6. Jesus made the Gentile followers fellow—citizens with the saints.

 7. The Holy Spirit witnesses that the elect Gentile followers are:

  a. Fellow—heirs.

  b. Fellow—members of the body.

  c. Fellow—partakers of the promise.

 8. The Jews and Gentiles are built together for an invisible habitation of God.

 9. The Church age is the dispensation of the fullness of times.

 10. All things are being summed up in Christ:

  a. The things upon the earth.

  b. The things that are in heaven.   

All of these truths have been hidden in mystery throughout time eternal, but now have been revealed through the holy apostles and prophets to the Church of Jesus Christ. Let us receive them now in the same light that they were first given. These Scriptures do not allow for any division at all in what we call invisible Israel /or the invisible Church. Again, the so called invisible Church is not separate from, or in addition to, God's invisible people Israel, but joint participants in the commonwealth of Israel; the invisible Israel; The hidden Israel of God. Consequently, what we inaccurately call the "invisible Church" must be known by that royal title only—Israel, and then collectively and individually identified as the Circumcision and as a Jew. Since they are being grafted into something that preexisted the Christian era, logic says they must become like them in name and character, not the opposite! Amen.



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